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Disembark and transpot movement question

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I would like clarificatin on the following please:


If a lans speeder performs its compulsery move and a move action, when a unit disembarks dose it just get the one action or both actions.


I know if a transpot uses both actions to move the disembarking unit only get to disembark.

I can find nothing about how the compulsary effects things.



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Hi JMichelle,

In your example, the unit will use both actions to Disembark.

What follows is the text from the Rules Reference Guide, with my own emphases:


When a unit disembarks, if the vehicle that is transporting that unit has performed more than one standard move or reverse during the current round, disembarking uses that unit’s entire activation and it cannot perform additional actions or any free actions.

Note that compulsory moves are still standard moves. It is not contingent on those moves being move actions as suggested in your post (although compulsory moves are also free standard move actions). If the transport performs additional standard moves beyond its compulsory move, then a Disembarking unit will lose the rest of their actions.

Hope this helps,

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