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Keyword "Critical X"

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Question is:

Does the Weapon Keyword "Critical X" work on Units that themselve haven't the option to convert surges to hits on their Surge Chart?

Background Story: We interpreted that "Critical X" is just working on units or in Attack Pools with a unit that has the option to convert surges into hits themself, because the rules text says "While a unit with the critical x keyword converts attack surges....." and a unit that hasn't the option on their Surge Chart will not enter this step, so it can't convert "while converting surges". For example: The imperial DF-90 Mortar attacks on its own. Critical X does not "trigger" because the DF-90 Mortar does not have a convert option on its unit card itself. But if he supports, f.e. a unit of Shoretroopers, his dice are added to their Attack Pool and so the Keyword "triggers" because Shoretroopers have the option to convert surges to hits on their Surge Chart.

As looking on the Separatists AAT Tank we are thinking we are wrong, because the Critical Keyword on its MX-8 Laser does not really makes sense to us the way we've played it, at best with upgrade cards like "Aggressive Tactics".  So are we wrong and "Critical X" does work, independent of what the unit card stats in the Surge Chart?

Best Regards and thanks in advance for answering the question and your patience to understand my bad english (not a native speaker) 🙂

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Hey there, 

The unit does not need to natively surge to use the benefits of a critical:x weapon. The only requirement is that you roll a surge result in the attack pool - you then convert up to the value of x to a crit result.

Using your example, lets say a DF-90 Mortar is attacking an enemy unit. It rolls three dice and scores a hit, surge, and blank result. Critical 1 would convert that surge to a crit, and the final result would be a crit, hit, and blank. 

Hope that helps! 


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