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Disembarking with a Standby Outside Activation

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If a unit that is being transported in an open transport has a Standby token from another game effect before it activates, and subsequently uses the standby to disembark before it activates, but after the vehicle has moved more than once, does the unit get its full activation (ie: both actions and free actions) since it was not being transported when it activated, despite the movement of its former transport?

If it does not, does the unit then lose its activation and get no actions as a result of disembarking from a vehicle (outside its activation) that performed more than one move?

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I would refer to this prior ruling; specifically the questions & answers for 2) and 2b). If disembarking from the vehicle after it has moved more than once, the unit will use all available actions (in this case, its one action from the Standby token) and not be able to perform any other free actions. When it activates, it will perform its activation as normal.

Hope this helps,

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