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Contingencies and Cunning interaction.

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Wanted to check on a situation that arose in a game. Not sure of the answer and have had a search which has not given me any results.

In a round we both played a 1 pip card. Opponent played Kallus' card and I played IG11's.

As part of their contingency cards my opponent had Iden's 1 pip which they swapped out for the one they played.

Wanted to check if Kallus' cunning would still apply there or whether it would be just considered a normal tie break situation given Kallus' 1 pip got swappped to Idens?

Rules ref states - "After a player reveals a command card, before any other effects are resolved, that player may discard  it to reveal one of their setaside contingency cards instead. The revealed contingency card is then treated as a selected and revealed command card. The number of pips on the revealed contingency card must be equal to the number of pips on the discarded card."


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Hi, Rich,

As per the Contingencies text helpfully quoted, the original command card (in this example, Agent Kallus's) is discarded and the newly revealed Contingency option is treated as the selected and revealed card. Since the selected Iden Versio card is not an Agent Kallus-specific command card, his Cunning keyword does not come into effect. The two players will have tied for priority with 1-pips and will roll a red defense dice as normal to determine priority.

Hope this helps,

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