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Well-Laid Plans and Scientific Hubris interaction

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54 minutes ago, Negoldar said:

He cannot. The card is the source of the dice roll. 

This isn't the original interaction, but I want to double check something based on the second part of that answer.

If it was used on an opponents Doctor Octopus, that Doctor Octopus could still gain power via Scientific Hubris, correct? There was an old Facebook ruling that rolling dice for a character means that character is the one rolling the dice.

So this specific interaction is a no because your not rolling dice for your own Doctor Octopus, but the enemy character has the chance to benefit from abilities based around them rolling dice, right?


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Adding a layer on this question:

When using Green Goblin's leader's superpower, if Doc Ock forces the rival to roll a dice and it lands on a crit, does Scientific Hubris trigger? (Same for Mysterio's Master of Illusions)

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