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Bounty Programming in Bounty Disallowed Scenarios

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Hi DiceWrench,

The language for "Disallowed Keywords" is reproduced below for readers' convenience, using Unnatural Resources as an example. Note that the list of disallowed keywords may vary for scenario setup cards found in other expansions & organized play kits.


Disallowed Keywords: The keywords BOUNTY, INFILTRATE, and SECRET MISSION cannot be used.

Units, upgrades, and command cards with any named disallowed keywords may still be included during army building, but none of the effects of named keywords may applied during the game. In the case of Bounty, as inquired, no Bounty token will be placed after deployment. Because of this, the Pierce 1 or Suppressive keywords will not be granted to IG-11, as IG-11 will not have targeted an enemy Commander nor Operative with Bounty. Note that IG-11 will still gain the AI: Aim, Attack keyword as detailed on the Bounty Programming card.

Hope this helps,

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