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New to the game, how WYSIWYG is it?

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I am new to the game having just bought into the Shadow Collective with all winter sales.  So, how WYSIWYG is the game?  For example, if I take a Pyke or Black Sun unit with a weapon upgrade I must pay the points and field the correct model.  Said straight from the rules.  However, can I field the model without the upgrade and use it as a normal model?  What about single models like Maul.  If I build him with the Darksaber arm option, must I take the ugprade in every list, or vice versa, can I take the upgrade without modeling it on the miniature?

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Hi Yendub - and welcome to the game!

You cannot field a Heavy Weapon miniature as a a "normal model."

How you assemble your Darth Maul is not important. Non-Heavy Weapon and Non-Personnel upgrade cards do not need to be reflected on miniatures.

Hope this helps,

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