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Hostage exchange mission

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What happens in this mission, hostage exchange mission,  if the center of the table has a piece of terrain that prevents to deploy the hostage unit? 
If this piece of terrain is for example a house that you can deploy on the roof, how is the 1 speed move done? Could you move to the ground ignoring the house? Should you stay in the roof because you cannot make a climbing move? What would happen then if the second unit with hostage hasn't enough space to deploy? 

In brief, how is done this hostage unit deployment and movement when the center of the map has a "problematic" piece of terrain?

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Hey there Lannes,

In your example, you would deploy the unit with the hostage on top of the roof. You would make the speed 1 move as normal, but if you are on top of a piece of terrain that requires a climb or clamber, you would simply stop at the edge of the terrain. You could not use that move to move down the terrain. 

If the second hostage doesn't have space to deploy, you would pick a spot as close to the center of the board as possible to place the unit. In this case, the players should also review of the margin of error rules, in case the piece of terrain allows you to place the unit in a way that would allow a legal game state to be established. 

Hope this helps! 


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