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Del Meeko, R4

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Hi, Wirge,

You're in luck! The scenario you described is exactly the one presented in the Rules Reference Guide, included below for your convenience:

  • If a unit has multiple REPAIR X: CAPACITY Y abilities, treat each keyword as a separate ability.
    For example, if a unit of Stormtroopers equips both Del Meeko (gaining REPAIR 2: CAPACITY 1) and an R4 Astromech (gaining REPAIR 2: CAPACITY 1), the unit can choose which ability to use.
  • Additionally, each action is considered to be unique, and a unit that has access to both can use each ability once during its activation. This applies even if the unit has access to two identical abilities from different sources, such as a unit of Rebel Troopers that has acquired two copies of the Arc Welder supply card.

I hope that helps!

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