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Yoda 2 pip and Battle meditation

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Just wanted to check the interaction between Yodas 2 pip when equipped with Battle Mediation. 

example he plays his 2 pip and can normally only order trooper units with this card, but with battle meditation he can choose to order a unit other than on the card. 

if he then uses that to give an order to a vehicle, that vehicle would have relentless till the end of the round right?

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Hello Ardua,

You are correct that Battle Meditation would allow Yoda to issue an order to a unit that is not a trooper unit. However, that unit will not gain any of the keywords or benefits of There is No Try. Note the first few words on the command card, with my emphasis added to the first sentence.


When Yoda issues an order to a trooper unit, that unit gains OUTMANEUVERRELENTLESS, and 1 dodge token.

In brief: 

Yes, Yoda may issue an order to any friendly unit if he has the Battle Meditation upgrade card, per its text.

No, a vehicle unit will not gain the benefits of There is No Try as it does not meet the criteria specified on the card: the order needs to be from Yoda and to a trooper unit.

Hope this helps,

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