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Vehicle cover from combined terrain

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Good evening,


In the pregame sequence, two pieces of terrain (a wide walkway and a low wall) are each classed as not sufficient to individually grant cover to an ATST.


During the game, an attacker wishes to target the ATST but the combined effect of the terrain (walkway blocks LoS to the upper part, whilst low wall blocks LoS to lower part) mean that only a very small part of the target ATST is visible.


In this scenario, would the combined effect of terrain override the pregame assessment?

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Hi, Podfrey,

If both pieces of terrain in question were agreed to not grant cover to a vehicle, then I'm afraid the process ends there. It does not matter how much of the mini is obscured; for a vehicle (or any unit!) to gain cover from terrain, all of the following must be true: it is at least partially obscured by the terrain in question that was agreed to provide it cover and a center-to-center line from the attacking unit leader to the defend mini(s) crosses the offending terrain. 

The "Cover Type" entry, under Additional Terrain Rules, has further detail on recommendations for what size terrain gives cover to different units. If the AT-ST was too large to gain cover from terrain pieces individually, any combination of obscured LOS between them will not amount to more.

Hope this helps,

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