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Hold at any cost, order token and standby

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Just going to use the exact scenario that's come up both times Ive used "hold at any cost" for Echo Base defenders.

two rebel corps Mark II Medium Blaster emplacement troopers, Both pointing at the same target, both with a standby token and both with a face-up order tokens at the beginning of the activation phase.

when an Enemy unit moves to within range three (standby range) of both emplacements:

-can I trigger standby(spend 'unit A' standby token) to attack for unit A, and fire support that standby-attack with unit B (flipping 'B order token' face down).  And when that standby-action is complete, immediately also Trigger standby for unit B (spending 'unit B' standby token) to attack and fire support that standby-attack with unit A (flipping 'A order token' face down)?

Thank you

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Hello, Markus,

The short answer to your underlying question is: performing a Fire Support does not remove a Standby token on a unit, as it is not performing an attack or move or receiving a suppression. Standby tokens can be resolved one at a time when the enemy unit finishes an action at range of your example emplacements, and each Standby attack could have dice added to it by eligible weapons via Fire Support as appropriate.

Both Mark IIs may spend their Standby in your example, even if they utilised Fire Support prior.

I hope this helps,

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