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standby move when cumbersome

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If I have an emplacement trooper (or another trooper with cumbersome) and I move by use of a standby-action-move, if I somehow activate to perform an attack later in the turn, does cumbersome prevent the attack?  This can happen with echo base defender "hold at any cost" when an emplacement trooper can start the turn with a face-up order token and a standby token.

This might also come up from force pushing an emplacement trooper before it activates.  So long as it does not move during its own activation/attack?

Thank you

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Hi, Markus,

The Cumbersome text is as follows, with my own emphasis:


A unit that has a weapon with the CUMBERSOME keyword cannot both move and attack using that weapon during the same activation, unless the move is a pivot.

Moves outside of the unit's activation, such as those by way of spending a Standby token, will not affect your Emplacement Trooper's options during its activation. 

I hope this helps,

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