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Creature troopers and melee

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I have a question about a creature trooper.

The scenario Darth Vader moves into melee range of a rebel veterans unit and a single tauntaun. I know that the veterans must be placed in cohesion and base contact with Vader. Does the second tauntaun have to be moved as well.

Other questions with this.

1. Can Vader move into a melee with two units at the same time?

2. Does the second tauntaun have to be moved. And if not does it take damage if not touching Vader?

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Hello, Aincrad,

First: Darth Vader's move is not a legal move. From the "Melee" section of the rules:


A unit cannot move in such a way that its minis would be placed in base contact with multiple enemy units.

So the rest of your scenario doesn't really occur. Darth Vader would only be able to move to contact one or the other unit.

That said:

1. Yes, a Tauntaun mini would be moved into base contact with Darth Vader, if possible, if the other mini in the unit were in melee, as per the "Opponent Moves Minis" step of the Melee process.

2. Yes, the Tauntaun not in base contact with Vader can still suffer wounds. Darth Vader is at melee range of the unit by being in base contact with one of its two minis, and both are eligible to suffer wounds from his attacks.

I hope this helps,

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