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Field Commander & Promotion on Commander death

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The RRG states that: 

"If a players last commander is defeated, that player can promote a new commander during the end phase."

So let's pretend I have an Imperial officer as my commander and General Weiss in the gav tank. The imperial officer dies and then the end phase comes. 

In the RRG: 

"To promote a commander, a player chooses any of their trooper units or units with the FIELD COMMANDER keyword on the battlefield and places a commnader token next to that unit."

"A unit promoted to commander is activated using a commander-rank token instead of the rank printed on the unit's card."

So in my above scenario, would the gav tank switch from a heavy token to the commander token now?


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Hi, Kierfish,

Yes, a Field Commander can be nominated if your previous commander(s) is/are defeated. Yes, they will get a Commander token, as any other unit would upon being Promoted.

Hope this helps!

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