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Preservation Protocols and Direct

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Preservation Protocols, the 2 pip of the Super Tactical Droid, states that a droid or AI unit that gets an order from the STD gets a dodge marker, disengage and impervious.

Does this only count for the 2 orders that can be issued with the command card or also for the order given with Direct? I would say it also counts for Direct since the STD is issuing the order and the command card says "when STD issues and order" and not specifically only the orders from this command card. Am I correct?

Best wishes,


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Hello, Christian,

The Preservation Protocols command card grants it effects "When Super Tactical Droid issues an order...". As it does not specify "...issued an order using this card," other sources of orders from the Super Tactical Droid will apply, including Direct.

In short, your intuition is correct!

Hope this helps,

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