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Grievous Wounds and damage reduction superpowers

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I have realised my question could be taken in 2 ways, so I just want to clarify.

I believe the wording of Grievous Wounds means it could not prevent damage reduction during the attack in which it is played. So, If a character has had Grievous Wounds played on them previously during an activation phase, so they are still under the effects, and are attacked again, can they still perform damage reduction superpowers as stated above.

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Grievous wounds actually has no interaction with “damage reduction” rules.

Grievous wounds prevents a character from removing damage, meaning the damage has already been applied to the character. This will affect things like Healing Factor or Patch Up.

Effects like you have mentioned, Thick Hide or Nice Punch, effect damage before it’s actually applied to the character. In these cases, you are not removing damage from the character, you are removing damage from the total damage about to be applied to the character.

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