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Winning the Game & Stalemate

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If each player has the same number of points and only one character left each at the end of round 6 and both players are due to score the same number of points (such as both players having one mini on opposite sides of the board standing on an extremis console)

CP01 says - 

If neither player has won the game by the end of round 6, the player with the most VPs is the winner. If both players are tied at this point, the game continues until a player scores VPs and has more than their opponent.

Assuming neither player can feasibly dislodge the other player, and both are due to score the same number of points every round ad infinitum:

Is there any guidance on resolving a stalemate between two players? If this does not currently exist within the rules are there any suggestions or guidance based on the intentions of the game designers?

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