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Scoring with suppressed/panicked units.

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If a unit is in scoring range/holding a token at the end of the round and they did not panick in their activation but now have enough suppression to be panicked they can no longer score. However what happens first scoring or the token removal step where each unit gets to remove 1 suppression token. (Or 2 if they have endurance) most objectives score at the "end of the round" or of a certain round with 2 happening at "the end of the game". Token removal is in the end phase before you progress the round counter so I would think token removal happens before scoring. Is this correct?

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Hello, Hunter,

As you noted, most "scoring steps" are specifically "at the end of the round" or "at the end of the game." This will be after all steps of the End Phase of the relevant round are complete, which includes the Remove Tokens step. Some units may no longer be panicked after this step, and will be able to be used to satisfy the Victory Conditions section of Objective Cards.

In short: you got it!

Hope this helps,

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