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Ion X timing

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Looking at the RRG, there are two conflicting timings listed for when Ion X affects shield tokens. Under the Ion X keyword:


At the start of the “Roll Defense Dice” step, before any other effects, if the attack pool includes the ion x keyword, for each hit (󲉠) or critical (󲉡) result, up to x, the defender must flip an active shield token if able.

Under the Shield Tokens entry:


If an attack pool as the ion x keyword, During the Apply Dodge and Cover step of the attack, the defender must apply any other effects (such as dodge tokens and cover) before flipping active shield tokens. Then, for each hit (󲉠) or critical (󲉡) result remaining up to x, where x is the value of the ion x keyword, the defender must flip an active shield token to its inactive side.

I assume the entry under shield tokens is correct, otherwise they could be spent before Ion X takes effect. But it would be great to get clarification.

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