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Strike Team Cover

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Apply Dodge and Cover reads as follows on point 2:

2. Determine Number of Obscured Miniatures: The attacking player checks LOS from the attacking unit leader’s silhouette to each miniature in the defending unit. If LOS to any part of the defending miniature’s silhouette is blocked by terrain other than terrain in base contact with the attacking unit leader and a part of the silhouette is still visible, the defending miniature is obscured. If LOS to a miniature is completely blocked, the miniature is obscured. Repeat this process for every miniature in the defending unit.

Specifically the point where it says "part is still visibile." 

My question: I am attacking a strike team with 1 miniature completely in the open and 1 miniature completely hidden behind a building where I could not see his silhouette at all. Does that unit have the cover provided by the building?

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