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Applying "Multiple Things" FAQ Entry

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Can I ask for some additional clarification/examples on where/how to apply the "multiple things" FAQ entry?

I understood the FAQ entry to mean that any single special rule(since we have a forum ruling applying the FAQ entry to all rules) would always be dependent on each individual event in the rule resolving to be able to move onto the next event in the rule(barring the rules text being separated by a line break or the word "additionally").

As an example, the "Second Wind" Tactics Card.

"Characters that spent power remove the Stun special condition and remove 1 damage"

Due to that being a single special rule that is not separated by either a line break or the word additionally, I would have applied the FAQ entry to this tactics card, meaning that to remove the 1 damage, the character would have had to remove the stun condition.

After some discussions, I'm given to understand I am interpreting this incorrectly and that the "and" turns this statement into a single event, not multiple events. Which means the "Multiple things" FAQ entry does not apply and you can remove damage regardless of whether you removed the stun condition.

I'm wondering if there is any wording or examples that can help clarify how to apply the FAQ entry or if it might just be "look for the word 'and'".


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The Multiple Things FAQ entry covers separate clauses not a single clause. In the case of Second Wind the removal of Stun and one damage is a single clause (do these two things) instead of two clauses (do this, and then do this). This means that you will attempt to do both items, remove stun and remove damage, without considering the success or failure of the other. 

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I was mostly hoping for help in identifying what makes this a "single clause", as I find myself hesitant to try to apply this now.

Is this an English language rule/use of the phrase "single clause" or something else?

Is it as simple as saying an "and" without a comma makes them a linked, single clause?

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Generally speaking clauses that must resolve in the presented order are linked via comma or period. Martial Prowess on Gamora and Pentagrams of Farallah on Doctor Strange are good examples of this. 

That should not be confused with commas used in a list, like The Age of Ultron, where a number of effects of a single rule are listed. In that case, like this for Second Wind (a list of two items), attempt to do each part in order and skip those that cannot be done. 

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