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Confused about Impassable and moving onto less higher than silhouette terrain

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Quoting page 25:



Miniatures can make standard moves onto or through obstacle terrain that is shorter than the height of the moving unit’s silhouette. When placing the movement tool, it may not overlap an obstacle terrain feature that is taller than the moving miniature’s silhouette. When a unit is overlapping an obstacle terrain feature, it may perform a standard move if the vertical distance changed is not greater than the height of the moving unit’s silhouette. If they wish to move onto, off of, or through obstacle terrain greater than the height of their silhouette, they must instead perform a climb. Miniatures on notched bases may not climb.

Impassable terrain completely prevents movement. Miniatures cannot move or climb onto or through impassable terrain unless they have a special rule which allows them to do so.


I'm confused. What is impassable terrain? We have examples of walls or buildings.

Does an AT-ST which is much taller than a wall can move through? And/or move onto a small hut?

Thank you!

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Impassable Terrain is whatever the players agree is such. This is terrain that cannot be moved through, even if using a Climb move, unless the unit in questions has specific keyword allowing it to do so.

Your questions require more detail on terrain definitions. A wall and a hut are likely obstacle terrain. If they are shorter than the silhouette of the AT-ST and not Impassable (as determined by you!) - but rather, determined to be Open or Difficult - then the AT-ST could move over them. 

Hope this helps,

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