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I built my barc with the side card when I started the game however I play my barc with no upgrades.

Do I use my barc and the side car for the silhouette or just the barc?

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Hello, Dandy,

Referring to pages 37-38, under Repulsor vehicles:


When determining the silhouette of a repulsor vehicle, create a cylinder above the base that begins at the lowest point of the miniature and extends to the top of the vehicle’s hull—do not include things like antennas, weapons, the base, the clear plastic stand, or crew members when creating this cylinder.

The BARC Speeder's silhouette is the width of its base, begins at the bottom of the mini and ends at the top with all of the above specifications. The added width of the sidecar will not change the width of the base and is unlikely to affect the height of its silhouette.

Hope this helps,

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