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Automated Targeting Priority

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Can you stack Calculate tokens on ATP? (like with cluster missiles and munition failsafe & two generated misses, or with veteran gunner or other failed bonus attack.)

It state "While you perform an attack, you must choose a defender at the closest valid attack range.

After you perform an attack that missed, place 1 calculate token on this card.

Before you engage, you may remove 1 calculate token from this card to gain a matching token."

I understand you can relocate only one on engagement beginning, but I see no reason not to use two lousy throws not to stack "C's" for next turns.

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Automated Target Priority will trigger after each attack regardless of whether it is a standard attack or a bonus attack. So if you made two attacks with Cluster Missiles, it would trigger after both attacks allowing you to stack two calculate tokens on APT, one per attack.


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