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I have a Yoda and a Padme in play. I play There is No Try as my card during the Command Phase then give my orders from this card to Yoda and Padme. If I use Padme's Authoritative ability to give her order token to a unit of Phase II clones, who gets the keywords and tokens referenced on the card?

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Hello, CalicoKid,

There is No Try specifies that: "If Yoda issues an order to a trooper unit, it gains..."

Authoritative reads: 


Once per Command Phase, when a unit with the Authoritative
keyword would be issued an order, that unit may instead issue
an order to a friendly unit at range 1–2.

If Padme Amidala uses her Authoritative keyword to move the order elsewhere, that unit has been issued from Padme Amidala, not from Yoda.

In your example, neither unit will gain the keywords and tokens referenced on There is No Try.

Hope this helps!

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