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Contingencies and pip amounts

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When a list has a Contingencies value greater than 2 - such as when Lando Calrissian is included - can you include more than two of any pip value in the Contingencies pile?

For example, could a list with Lando and either commander or operative Luke have Ambush and Sabotaged Communications in the main command hand, as well as Son of Skywalker, You Serve Your Master Well, and Idiot's Array in the Contingencies pile?

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Hey there Aquatic! 

Yes! The RRG has the following description in contingencies x

"These set-aside cards can have any number of pips but must follow all other command hand rules as if they were chosen for that player’s command hand."

Based off the first part of that sentence, you can take the 3 one pip cards shown in your example. The "other command hand rules" part of the description references things like including the character that owns those command cards, taking cards from the correct faction, etc. 


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