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The first stage in the attack sequence is choosing an enemy unit to attack. The attacking player declares they are performing an attack action with their unit against an enemy unit, which becomes the defending unit. Then, measuring from the attacking unit’s unit leader, the attacking player checks to see that the defending unit is at range of at least one of the attacking unit’s weapons and has at least one miniature in LOS to the attacking unit leader. If either of these conditions cannot be met, the attack or attack action cannot be made and is wasted.


Does the above rule mean that the attacking unit, after making a range error by targeting a unit out of range, cannot declare an attack on another unit in range?

Does the above rule have an impact on AI:Attack if the AI:Attack unit is out of range to any enemy units.

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If the attack cannot be made, it was "wasted" in that it is not resolved. The unit may make another action instead.

If a unit with AI: Attack does not have any eligible enemy targets, it will get its two actions as normal.

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