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The rules entry for fitting on terrain states that trooper minis cannot overlap/overhang obstacle terrain.
I understand the intent behind this as to prevent minis from hanging their bases off of a building, but what about a case where there is an obstacle piece that is flush with the board?Example of a hanging base on a sloped obstacle

The cliff is an obstacle, but sloped in such a way that a mini at the bottom "overlapping" is a fairly normal placement. The rule preventing partial overlap actually cuts off a ton of movement/placement options for trooper minis. I don't think this is the intent behind the rule but I was wondering if we could get some clarification on this use-case so that players don't have to discuss pre-game every time or get "gotcha'd" by the rules-as-written.


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Hello, ImpSymp,

If the sloped object/hill in your example is determined to be obstacle terrain, a trooper mini may not partially overlap it, as stated in Fitting on Terrain on page 12.

Hope this helps,

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