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Units obscured by terrain providing no cover

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Terrain providing cover paragraph on page 13 states: “Terrain provides either light, heavy, or no cover…before the game begins, players should agree on what kind of cover each price of terrain on the battlefield provides.”

Sub-step 3 of apply dodge and cover (on page 30) of attack game mechanics states: “if at least half of the miniatures in the unit are obscured, the defending unit has cover. The type of cover is determined by whatever is obscuring the defending unit, providing either heavy or light cover based on the player’s discussion of terrain before the game.”

I have heard the claim that this means obscured units get light cover even if it was terrain determined to provide no cover at beginning of game because the text in the above page 30 quote does not list “no cover” as one of the options. 

Does a unit with half of it’s miniatures obscured by terrain determined to provide no cover still get a minimum of light cover?

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