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The Speeder X entry has a short blurb on compulsory moves, however there is no mention of whether these moves are meant to displace minis or not.

The repulsor vehicle movement rules have a bullet point that says "Repulsor vehicles can displace miniatures, but only during or at the end of a compulsory move." Is this phrasing, with the "or", referring to two different types of compulsory moves? For example, the A-A5 speeder truck can gain a compulsory move via a pilot upgrade card. Due to Hover: Ground they will displace every time they move, along the entire movement. Or, are all units with Speeder X now intended to displace along the entire length of their compulsory move?

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Repulsor vehicles displace only at the end of a compulsory move, or, in other words, their final position. This will be made more clear in a future update.

The A-A5 Speeder Truck is treated by other units as a ground vehicle due to its Hover: Ground keyword, and will therefore displace eligible units with any move.

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