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Core Rule Book Change Log (Updated 1/20/2022)

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As we receive and answer rules questions, we will periodically issue a new version of the Core Rule Book containing fixes and clarifications. The most up to date version of the rules may be found here: https://www.atomicmassgames.com/star-wars-legion-documents

Note that the changes below are already in the live version of the rulebook! This is simply a summary of the changes made since the previous version. 

Happy Gaming!

-pg. 9 Added wording for green tokens to Aim, Dodge, and Surge tokens.
-pg. 11 Clarified which units receive cover from a barricade.
-pg. 15 Clarified timing of Panic.
-pg. 15 Clarified Light Side/Dark Side and which upgrades could be taken.
-pg. 19 Clarified the timing of when units cannot be in base contact with unclaimed objective tokens before the game begins.
-pg. 21 Clarified which units are able to activate when pulling an order from the order pool.
-pg. 24 Clarified moving through objective tokens.
-pg. 25 Clarified climb wording.
-pg. 28 Clarified declare defender wording.
-pg. 30 Clarified when dodge tokens may be spent and their effects.
-pg. 35 Clarified pivot wording.
-pg. 37 Clarified wording for the 50% obscurement of vehicles
-pg. 37 Clarified that Vehicles do not give cover to themselves.
-pg. 42 Clarified Arsenal in regards to forming multiple attack pools.
-pg. 44 Clarified timing of the Dauntless keyword.
-pg. 46 Clarified wording for Hover vehicles and the standby action.
-pg. 46 Clarified how Hover: Ground vehicles use the LOS rules.
-pg. 46 Clarified wording on Gunslinger keyword to no longer allow it to be used on melee attacks.
-pg. 47 Clarified how the Jump X keyword interacts with impassable terrain.
-pg. 48 Clarified which results are cancelled by Low Profile.
-pg. 49 Clarified wording of the Scale keyword.
-pg. 52 Clarified wording of the Weak Point X keyword.
-pg. 54 Clarified how LOS is determined for the Detonate keyword.
-pg. 54 Clarified that the Beam X keyword cannot be used with the Gunslinger keyword.
-pg. 55 Clarified wording on the Immune: Deflect keyword, moved to appropriate section.

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