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If a unit is touching a ground vehicle, does it ignore the ground vehicle for the purposes of LOS? The rulebook says it is treated as a piece of area terrain, and area terrain is ignored for LOS checks if the unit leader is in base contact with it. 

A rebel trooper unit leader is in base contact with the ATRT and can see a unit of stormtroopers slightly to the right of the ATRT silhouette. The stormtrooper unit is partially obscured, but not entirely. Does the ATRT grant cover, then?

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Your example is accurate.

"If LOS to any part of the defending miniature’s silhouette is blocked by terrain other than terrain in base contact with the attacking unit leader and a part of the silhouette is still visible, the defending miniature is obscured." - Page 30, Determine Number of Obscured Miniatures

As the Rebel Trooper unit leader is touching the (presumably friendly) AT-RT, treated as area terrain, and can still draw LOS to one or more partially obscured Stormtroopers, the Stormtroopers will not have cover. Note if LOS to an enemy mini is completely blocked, that mini has cover, regardless of whether or not the unit leader were touching the terrain in question.

Hope this helps,

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