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Hello there.

As per the "climb" description p25, im not sure to understand the max "altitude" that you can reach with a classic climb, in particular the sentence "...obstacle terrain that is up to height 1 taller than the height of the moving unit silhouette"

Do you measure the heigt 1 from the ground, or from the height of the silhouette?
Meaning, can you climb an obstacle (given its not impassable) up to height 1, roughly 6' or 15cm, or an obstacle up to "height 1 + silhouette", so 7'5 or 19cm?

Bonus question with the end of the same sentence: "and any terrain the unit may be on". Are we speaking about the unit leader only, or the mini with the highest ground (in a case where there is a small "hill", just an elevation under the height of the silhouette) ?




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Measure vertical distance, as per the Terrain Height entry, from the level on which the unit's silhouette rests. This will often be the table level, but may be different if a unit is on terrain.

An eligible unit may perform a climb move up to height 1, or to a level roughly 6" above their current height.

For your bonus question, refer to the height of the unit leader, as that is the mini used to perform moves.

Hope this helps,

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