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Guardian X and Poison X

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Hi, I saw a question in here about Dioxis Mines and Guardian and that got me thinking about the below.

If a unit Guardians an attack with Poison X and the unit with Guardian X takes a wound, is it eligible to be a target for Poison X? It is my understanding that the unit using Guardian X is not the defending unit and is not eligible. However, Pierce X is has an exception carved out and I'm unsure if Poison X has a similar application effect and has been overlooked or if Pierce just has a special cutout in the rules.

Example: A B1 unit with the Radiation Cannon Trooper attacks a Phase 1 Clone trooper unit in no cover and rolls 3 hits. Obi-wan guardians those 3 hits and fails 1 save. Is the Phase 1 unit or Obi-wan eligible to be a recipient of the Poison X keyword, since neither unit technically defended? Are there other examples where it may work differently?

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Hey there,

In your example, the Phase 1 Clones would not take a Poison token (because they didn't fail a save) and Obi Wan would not take a Poison token (because he's not defending against the attack). There is no stipulation in the rules that creates an exception from this, only the following bullet from the RRG: 

  • A non-droid trooper unit that suffers wounds after defending against an attack that includes a weapon with the poison x keyword gains x poison tokens.

The same example would hold true against Bossk's "Merciless Munitions" command card, except the Phase 1 unit would take the poison token (as you just need to defend against the attack to gain the token in that example). 



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