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Standby Tokens

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I'm confused by the standby rule and the pictures on page 33.

The unit with the standby token does not have LoS when the unit starts the action but does when it end, so if the pictures where the other way around i.e., Unit starts in LOS and moves out the standby token can or can't be used? The same would go for range is it starts within Range 2 of a unit and moves out does this trigger standby, allowing the unit to Move if effect chase the other unit?


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A standby token is spent when the triggering action is completed. Therefore, if the unit was in Line of Sight at the start of a move, but is out of LoS, a standby token couldn't be triggered. Likewise, if the triggering unit started out of Line of Sight but ended the move in LoS, you could then spend a friendly standby token (assuming all other conditions are met). 

Hope that helps! 


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