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I wanted to make sure i was understanding the dynamics between move actions, standard moves vs non standard moves, etc. and the abilities that trigger off of them. I figured listing out some examples would help. I guess my question is are the following statements correct?:

Examples of Standard Move Actions
- Normal vanilla move actions

- The speed 1 move action performed after a Withdraw*

- The Jump X card action

- Compulsory Moves

These would trigger effects such as 'agile' and 'tactical' which require a standard move action, and would also trigger abilities that just require a standard move such as 'reposition'. These also trigger abilities that just require a 'move action' such as 'relentless', 'charge' and 'steady' ( Note: Withdraw specifies you cannot perform free actions during a withdraw, so only abilities like 'agile' and 'tactical' would apply, and abilities that give you a free action like 'relentless' and 'reposition' would not.)

Examples of Non-Action Standard Moves

- Speed X moves from effects like Leia's 'No Time for Sorrows' and Padme's 'Aggressive Negotiations'

- The speed 1 move performed after a unit is targeted by Force Push

-The speed X move given by scout

These would trigger abilities that trigger from standard move like 'reposition', but would NOT trigger abilities that require a move action, such as 'relentless' or abilities that require standard move action such as 'agile' and 'tactical'.

Examples of Non-Standard Move Actions





-Embarking and Disembarking*

These would trigger abilities that just require a 'move action' such as 'relentless' and 'steady' (*in the case of disembarking, assuming the appropriate other stipulations have been met), but would not trigger abilities requiring a standard move, like 'reposition', or abilities requiring a standard move action, such as 'agile' or 'tactical'.

Thanks for your help and for any feedback you have about errors I made here.

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