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Does Countdown count for Ubbel’s ability

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”While you defend, after the neutralize results step, if you are not stressed, you may suffer one standard damage and gain 1 stress token. If you do, cancel all dice results.”

Flight Leader Ubbel:

“After a friendly ship at range 0-2 defends, if it was dealt a damage card, you may perform a bonus attack against the attacker.”

If Countdown’s ability is used to cancel all dice results and Countdown suffers one damage in the course of that pilot ability, can Ubbel perform a bonus attack against the ship that attacked Countdown because of that damage?

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While countdown can cancel all dice results by suffering a damage, if that Countdown has no active shields, it will be dealt a damage card as a result of suffering one damage. This also occurs while you are defending, So Ubbel's timing window is active because Countdown was dealt a damage card while defending even when their ability is used.

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