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Weapon Profiles granted by Command Cards

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Hi everyone,

This was a discussion my friends and I had the other night so I thought I would ask the question on an official forum:


If a command card would grant a weapon profile, does that character (commander/operative) gain that weapon profile for the rest of the game? Or is it only for THAT activation on THAT turn?


Examples: Boba Fett's Whipcord Launcher or ZX Flame Projector command cards; Iden Versio's Concussive Blast command card or even the "Sharpshooter 2" keyword from her Pulse Scan command card.


Thank you in advance!

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Hey there,

The effects on command cards only last for the turn they are played. On the following turn, that card goes away and you pick a new card. 

The only exception to this rule, is cards that say permanent on them. These cards have effects that stay in play for the rest of the game. 


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