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Dark troopers activation after drawing tokens

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Let s say I have 2 units of dark troopers.

One has already 1 face down command token, the other has not.

I m drawing my command token randomly snd I get a heavy.

Now what should /could I do?

A) I must activate the unit that already has 1 order token fown, so to end its possible activations. So I will end with 1 unit with no order tokens and 1 unit with 2 face down order tokens

B) I must activate the unit without any face down order token. So I will end up with two units with 1 face down order token each. Next time I'll draw a heavy token I'll be able to choose which one to activate for yhe second time.

C) I can choose either of them, no matter what

Maybe a stupid question, but I would like to play them correctly


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