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Fragmentation Grenades and number of attack dice

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If we have a stormtrooper unit with 4 minis (no heavy weapon) and only one upgrade (gear) with fragmentation Grenades. How many attack dice do we roll if a enemy trooper is  at range 1 ? 4 white attack dice (one per minis) and one red attack dice for fragmentation grenade (if a stormtropper can shot with E-11 and launch also in the same time a grenade)  or only 3 white attack dice and one red attack dice (if grenade replace a E-11 shot) ? Thanks for your help.

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Hey there,

A Grenade is another weapon that each miniature in the unit can choose to use when it makes a ranged attack. Here are two important steps from Attack in the Rules Reference Guide:

b. Choose Weapons: The attacker can choose one weapon from each eligible mini to contribute to the attack pool. To choose a weapon, the attacker must meet all requirements indicated by that weapon’s keywords, and that weapon’s range must include the range of the attack, as determined from the attacker’s unit leader to the closest mini of the defender.

c. Gather Dice: For each eligible mini that chose a weapon, the attacker gathers the number and type of dice depicted on that weapon and places them on the battlefield near the defender.

Therefore, the Stormtroopers could all choose to user their E11s, Frag Grenades, or any combination of those weapon choices. Note that because the stormtroopers do not have the arsenal keyword, they only choose one weapon per miniature, and would not be able to shoot their E-11's and throw a grenade. They have to choose one or the other. 

Let me know if that helps! 


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