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When searching the forum, you will find the most success by making use of the tag system.

If you are questioning an interaction with a specific rule, searching the forum or finding a post related to that rule will allow you to see the tags that have been applied to that post. You can see below the first post has tags related to Captain America, shield throw and another unseen tag. If at this point you click on any one of those tags, you will bring up all posts that also have that tag. We try to ensure all posts have any tags relevant to the main topic of the thread, which quickly allows you to pull up most if not all topics that may be touching on your question.


When searching the forum, if searching from a PC version of the website, you are also able to tailor the search box to search specifically the Marvel: Crisis Protocol forum. If within this specific forum, you can select a drop down bar on the right side of the search field and select "this forum".

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