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Shoretrooper mortar deploying in a GAV tank.

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If I wanted to have a mortar trooper deployed in a GAV tank at the start of the game can I do that?  If it is possible, would I have to make sure the GAV tank is close enough to the shortrooper that the Mortar is detaching from?  Or would the detachment rule prevent me from starting the game with the Mortar already being transported in the GAV tank at the start of the game?

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Hey there,

Yes! You can indeed deploy a Mortar straight into a GAV during set-up. Just make sure that A: The GAV is deployed on the table already and B: The unit specified in detachment is one the board as well. That unit should be a speed 1 move away and within 1 height from the intended transport, just like you were deploying the Mortar normally. 

Hope that helps! 



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