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Armada Grand Championship at NOVA Open


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[NOVA Open](http://www.novaopen.com/) is back and has even more Armada on the schedule this year! The main event is the Grand Championship, but we also have a Sector Fleet tournament, a Rebellion in the Rim campaign, and the return of Pirate Furball! NOVA Open 2022 runs from Thursday, September 1st to Sunday, September 4th at the [Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Virginia](https://www.hyatt.com/.../hyatt-regency-crystal.../wasrc).
**Armada Grand Championship: **We will once again play two heats over two days before cutting to the top 16. Day One is Thursday, September 1st and Day Two is Friday, September 2nd. There are 34 seats available each day. The top four from each day plus the next eight from both days by tournament points and MOV will play in the finals on Saturday, September 5th. Each day will be four rounds of swiss.
**Sector Fleet Tournament: **Want to play with a larger fleet? Saturday, September 3rd, 600 points a side.
**Rebellion in the Rim Campaign:** New this year is a RitR mini-campaign! This will be played on the evenings of Friday and Saturday, with the Pivotal Battle on Sunday. We have 12 slots and will form 4 teams of three players each.
**Pirate Furball**: It’s back! It’s the only event where you can mix and match ships from both factions. 300 points, small and medium ships only, one upgrade per ship, no unique or faction specific upgrades. Full details are in the official [event primer](https://novapublic.blob.core.windows.net/.../Nova-Open...).
Registration for the 2022 NOVA Open starts APRIL 2nd at the [Nova Open site on TableTop.Events!](https://tabletop.events/conventions/nova-open-2022)

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