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  1. Hi, Magneto his leadership says that when a terrain piece gets destroyed each character can get only 1 energy "per turn". We now got a tactic card To Ash And Cinder that can destroy multiple terrain pieces in the clean up phase. Would magneto still be able to give out power since it's not a turn of the activation phase ? And second if he can, can a model get more than 1 power if 2 pieces of terrain where destroyed since the once per turn limit in the clean up phase can't apply ? With kind regards, Mark
  2. Hi, I have a question who will get priority in the following interaction. Player A has 1 not activated character left in the action phase. Player B ends the activation of his last character in this round. Player A will get a turn to play tactic cards and choses to play price of failure, before activating his last character. With price of failure he KO's the last character still left to activate. Now there are no more characters for both players left to activate. This would force player A to do a pass because he can't activate anything. Who would in this case get priority the following round? The rulebook says: "If the player that activated the last model of the Activation Phase has the Priority token, they pass it to their opponent." In this case that would mean that player B has activated the last model so Player A would get priority although player A had the last turn of the round. Just wanted to get a confirmation that my interpretation is correct, and this is how price of failure is intended.
  3. If ghost rider is KOed and plays deal with the devil, the card doesn't say it prevents ghost riders KO. How would that interact with Thanos his leadership ability? Will he gain 1 or 2 VP's from KOing characters ?
  4. Will Ronan get a Errata? because just reading Ronans card, the super power says you can only use that in Step 14b. That would imply he stays dazed til step 14b. So in step 14a he counts as dazed character and can't be effected by pushes, throws, applying conditions ect. And he can't play tactic cards like sacrifice. To me just reading Ronans card and the rules, is very confusing in combination with your previous ruling. Would you agree there might be a future errata to clear up these misconceptions? Different thing what happens if Ronan chooses not to use The accurers or can't use it. If he is on 0 energy, Loki is within range 4 and Ronan has the root condition, and takes his final 1 point of damage. He would need to pay 2 energy to use the accuser super power which he can't. Would he still not be dazed until step 14b ?
  5. Hallo, If Lockjaw used his superpower interdimensional bloodhound on his turn. And later that round Lockjaw gets KO'ed. Does The extra dice on effected characters stay in place because the superpower is already in play ? Or does it stop because Lockjaw is no longer on the field. With kind regards, Mark
  6. Hallo, I got a question about the timing of Medusa her braid bash attack. The attack has 2 after the attack is resolved triggers with the push if you did damage and flurry if you rolled a wild. If the first attack would deal damage and roll a wild. The attacker choses to first use the flurry trigger and attack the same target again. If the second attack also deals damage there would be 2 "after the attack is resolved target is pushed" effects left to resolve from both from "braid bash". Then only a single push would be done right? It being 2 of the same effects that need to be resolved. Of Course if you would push before the flurry attack you could get 2 pushes. (not part of this question, but just a clarification) With kind regards, Mark
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