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  1. How is Life Drain's trigger the same as Coordinated Fire's trigger so much as to exclude using both? Coordinated fire is "Attack as part of combat action" while Life Drain is "Makes an attack" which does not have the part of a combat action tag, additionally the Coordinated Fire trigger happens before combat is resolved while Life Drain has to happen afterwords, does the timing not significantly impact defining what is and isn't a trigger? Learning of this ruling lead to some confusion as to how Count Dooku's defensive abilities are meant to work in tandem, as their design indicates, or if they are meant to be exclusive to one another. Is the "When this unit defends" trigger of Surely You Can Do Better distinct enough from the "After a melee attack targeting an allied character" trigger in Twice The Pride, Double The Fall to Allow Dooku to use both when someone is attacking him, or is he limited to one or the other?
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