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Removing blank dice with dodges

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Can you spend dodges to remove blank dice from the dice pool, which could then not be converted to a crit using Ram or other actions during the Modify Attack Dice step?

I could see this being an issue if the taun unit was down a model so only had 2b1w in the attack pool, and the defender had a bunch of dodges to spend. e.g., dice roll is 1 hit 2 blank. Defender uses 3 dodges to eliminate the hit and both blanks, and there are no remaining dice to convert.

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As stated in the Apply Dodge and Cover section, the defending player may be spend dodge tokens to cancel one <hit> result and remove its die from the pool. You may not spend dodges to remove blanks or <critical> results, without a keyword allowing the unit to do so (such as Outmaneuver allowing dodge tokens to remove <critical> results).

Hope this helps,

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