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Fenn Rau Activations Clarification

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After Fenn is activated by squadron command or token, he moves and shoots in either order. Then after he is done activating he may then activate up to 2 non-unique squadrons.

Do those 2 squadrons need to be unactivated? From the reading it appears that they can be unactivated or activated.

The reading says, "the squadrons may activate as if the were chosen by the Squadron command."


This discussion came about due to Adar Talon and whether Fenn could activate the same squadrons again.

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The squadrons chosen by Fenn Rau's effect must be unactivated in order to be chosen.

The activation slider entirely determines the activation status of its squadron. Therefore when Adar Talon's effect is resolved to toggle a squadron's activation slider, that squadron becomes unactivated.

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