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Using Aid when tokens received from outside sources

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If a K-2SO uses  Calculate Odds and gives the tokens to a friendly Pyke Capo unit, can the Pyke Capo unit use Aid to pass the dodge token to a friendly Pyke trooper unit?

Also, can the Pyke Capo unit pass more than one token from the same action (Calculate odds or Strategize?) If so, does the Capo receive one suppression or two?




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When a unit with the Aid keyword would gain an aim, dodge, or surge token, another eligible friendly unit may gain that token instead, and the unit using the Aid keyword will suffer 1 suppression. This may indeed occur multiple times from a single instance, event, or keyword.

In your example, the Pyke Capo may use Aid twice to give away both the aim token and dodge token from the Strategize or Calculate Odds keywords, and will gain one suppression token for each green token given in this way.

Hope this helps,

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