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Matchstick 2.1 & Triumphant - amount of activations, Adept restriction

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1. Does Matchstick override Triumphant's limit of 3? Can a faraway Venator-II with a token activate 6 squadrons in range of Triumphant, 3 through Matchstick's ability (who is constantly in range of being activated thanks to Triumphant), and 3 through Triumphant itself, or only 3, with Matchstick not making any difference here?
I believe it can't (applying Relay-related rulings here), but a friend of mine thinks he can.
2. Does Matchstick override Triumphant's Adept restriction, allowing him to pass the activation to Anakin in a Y-Wing?
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1. Matchstick does not override Triumphant's limit of 3. The hypothetical Venator-II could only activate a total of 3 squadrons that were not within its activation range.

When a ship uses Triumphant's ability, if it is ""passed through"" Matchstick, that is still considered to be using the Triumphant's ability, and thus it is counted against both card's maximum count.

2. No, for a similar reason above, Triumphant is still ""involved"" in the interaction, and thus any squadron activated through both Matchstick and Triumphant must both, have the Bomber keyword, and not have the Adept keyword.

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